Color Choices To Brighten Your Winter Décor


Color Choices To Brighten Your Winter Décor

Late fall and early winter are traditionally full of parties and other gatherings, but you still have a few cold months to endure once the champagne stops flowing. While it might be gloomy, cold and dark outside, your décor choices can help you survive the chill until spring flowers start blooming. No matter if you’re hosting your group’s holiday soiree or you’re just looking to refresh your living space with a chic look for the season, here are some color ideas to help you coordinate your luxe furniture, accessories and paint scheme.

Classic Winter Shades

When the holidays roll around, many people choose to emulate the winter landscape as a backdrop to the festivities. With fresh-fallen snow creating an almost magical scene outside your home, you can recreate it inside by using shades of white and grey that mimic the frozen countryside, or your stunning mountain home. While you might want to pick one of Pantone’s suggested colors for late 2017 as a primary color for your paint scheme, you can use whites as a contrast with your accessories:

  • Tibetan lamb pillows
  • Rugs
  • Throws
  • Hides
  • Candles

Plaid Patterns

If you’re like most people, you probably respond to dropping temperatures by putting on a few extra layers of clothing. Many people choose to use flannels for that extra warmth, so why not bring some of that pattern into your luxe holiday décor? Plaids are always in fashion during the colder months, and you can use the tartan pattern in everything from wallpaper to throws and other chic accents.

Décor To Keep You Warm

It’s not too late to give your home a chic new look before your holiday gathering, but the clock is ticking. When it’s time to pull the trigger on furniture, accessories and other decorative choices, an experienced seller of luxe merchandise will make sure to showcase products that last.

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