What’s Your Spirit Animal?


What's Your Spirit Animal?

“You are my spirit animal.” Our favorite phrase to identify with our closest friends. In fact, once you discover what animal (or pillow!) you are naturally linked to, your life (and your decorating style) could change forever. Here are a few wild and trendy animal print items to give you some East Kennedy inspiration.

The cow symbolizes Mother Earth, nurture and patience. It’s a symbol of new beginnings, endless possibilities and abundance.

Ready to adorn your house with reminders of your peaceful and powerful spirit animal? Check out our Brazilian cowhide selection, which features hot hides in a variety of colors and patterns. Lay one in front of your fireplace hearth, place one beneath a coffee table or spread one on the floor at the foot of your bed. Our unique hides will never disappoint you, or any of your guests. #SoGorge

If your spirit animal is a sheep, you know a thing or two about compassion, tranquility and courage. You are sure-footed and know where you want to go in life.

Show off your pure and creative nature by artfully incorporating accents of your spirit animal throughout your home. A comforting Tibetan lamb pillow can be placed on a couch or tossed on a comfy bed for extra style. These irresistibly cuddly pillows will add a characteristic touch of serenity to your home.

Rather a faux than an actual animal? No prob! You can also find faux feather pillows in Hawkeye, Yakity Yak, and Llama Yo Mama designs that will bring out the animal in you. Prefer a wilder pillow that puts you in touch with your stubborn, determined side? Check out our Bulls and Boys pillow while you’re here.

Rabbit Fur
Your spirit animal is a rabbit, which means you’re unpredictable, observant and spontaneous. You have great instincts, which helps you make good personal and professional decisions. Showcase your wise personality with a stunning Colton stool made from decadent rabbit fur. Now that’s rich.

Happy shopping to you all, if you’ve made it to our store, it’s safe to assume we are probably already Spirit Animals. We get you. #EKCTribe


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