I need additional measurements for your pieces. Where can I find those?
Please feel free to call us, or send us an email. Our customer service representatives will be able to assist you and give you additional measurements that may not be listed on our site.
Are all of your pieces made in America?
In an effort to meet the needs of all of our customers, we are thrilled to be able to offer a large variety of products, both domestically produced and imported. Regardless of manufacturing location, East Kennedy is meticulous about maintaining detailed product requirements that all pieces must meet.

Do you have a physical location?
Yes we do! We are currently located at 326 Village Lane, Los Gatos, CA 95030- Come visit us!

Where is the model number located?
SKU numbers for products are located on their respective product pages.

How do I clean my furniture?
This may vary piece by piece. Please call or email our customer service department for cleaning instructions.

Do you have instructions on assembling furniture?
If a piece of furniture requires any assembly, specific instructions will come with that piece.

Orders, Delivery, and Returns

Does East Kennedy accept major credit cards?

What is the status of my order? Feel free to email us regarding order status.

How can I order repair parts?
Check with us about the manufacturer’s warranty. Many of our manufacturers will replace a piece entirely if it is within a warranty period. Most of the time, individual parts cannot be ordered.

How does East Kennedy deliver?
We work with various White Glove LTL Freight Carriers to get your product to you. We believe that part of the joy of receiving a new and beautiful item, is having a stress free delivery experience. We currently only ship white glove in the best interest of our customers, and we handle the extra cost. Your happiness is our end goal! When an item ships, you will receive a phone call from our carrier to schedule an appointment for delivery, and our trusted white glove delivery service will deliver your piece, unwrap it, build it if need be, place in your room of choice and remove all the debris. All you have to do is enjoy your fabulous new item. Cheers to that!

How do I determine what my delivery fee will be?
We offer free shipping site wide. Please check our shipping policies on our Shipping & Returns Page.

Will the delivery team be able to remove my old furniture?
Unfortunately, this is not something covered in the scope of work for our LTL carriers. We do include White Glove Delivery.

Am I able to make changes to my order?
Maybe. It depends on a variety of factors. If the order has already shipped, it is not likely you will be able to make changes. If the order has not been processed, it may be possible to make changes.

Am I able to submit a deposit or down payment or place an order on layaway?

What is your return / cancellation policy?

Other Questions

Do you sell accessories?
Yes! You will find a variety of luxury goods in our flagship store.

Do you offer gift cards?
We are working on it. At this time, your best bet is to find a coupon code from us.

Does East Kennedy have financing available?
Not at this time.
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