East Kennedy

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl, in a medium sized town, with BIG dreams. After 26 years of traveling the world and soaking in foreign culture and art, attending design classes, and running a staging & design firm, she realized her next big aspiration. A home can be for many, a first impression. We have always been good at procuring the perfectly styled look for our client’s homes. However, when left alone with the plethora of home decor stores, and online shops in today’s market, clients were coming back frustrated, expressing their need to buy “Looks” similar to what we designed for them. They were tired of sifting through endlessly, in order to find a “diamond in the rough”. Thus, EastKennedy.Com was born. We are focused on delivering only the diamonds. With our continued support from loyal customers, we were able to open our first Brick & Mortar store, in our beautiful hometown of Los Gatos California!

East Kennedy is a company dedicated to curating and delivering luxury home & gift items. We even offer a luxury gift experience! (Click here to learn about our gifting & delivery options). We want to create a top tier experience when it comes to shopping for your home. After all, it is your sanctuary. We select the best, so that we can deliver the best. Our collections should evoke a feeling of luxury, and help our customers elevate their space, be it a Ski Chalet, or a summer home in the Hamptons. We are committed to setting the bar higher. Our rich collections should exceed the standards of even the most high end designers, and we take pride in the fact that East Kennedy was founded by one. Every item is hand picked and curated by our arsenal of innovative designers, and each one only approved after it has crossed the desk of our founder. We are passionate about quality, and believe this is part of what makes East Kennedy stand out amongst other online stores.

We know there are many ways to spend your money, and our promise is to make sure your hard work will be reflected in the aethstetic of your home. We take as much pride in your home as you do! Whether it is online, or in our storefront, please browse around, enjoy, shop, and welcome to East Kennedy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide carefully vetted collections to those who appreciate the best in Home Decor and Furniture. We believe that buying luxury items for your home should be a fun and accessible experience, and we’ve designed our business and website around that principle.

Happy shopping!
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