The Leo 100% Down Luxury Pillow



Authority and command are the name of the game with this handsome boy. Our Leo pillow demands being the center of attention, so make sure he’s the centerpiece of your favorite sofa or lounge. You’ll thank us later!

We like to make sure we set the bar high when it comes to our gorgeous pillow collection. In addition to being unique and stunning, all of our East Kennedy pillows are constructed with the finest quality fabrics, fur, and materials. Each and every pillow is filled with a luxurious down feather insert. Our textures and colors are rich, and second to none. We take pride in the quality of our pillows, and make sure each one is hand inspected when made to order before shipping them to our customers.

Additional information

24 in x 24 in


Blue & White

Pillow Cover Material

Polyester & Rayon

Pillow Interior FIll

100% Down Feather

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